About Us

The Story of Mr. Toot Entertainment 

The journey began in 1982 


Danny's clown training began at the age of 14 with Brisbane based ‘Street Arts’ Theatre Company which attracted performers from not only around Australia but the UK. While he joined initially as a trumpet player, he quickly learned circus skills, including juggling, unicycling, stilt walking and fire eating.


Character development, clowning techniques, performance training and improvisation was handled by the very talented Steve Capelin. 

Although Danny was painfully shy, through much practice the clown character 'Mr. Toot' was born. 

A small group named 'The Scrubby Creek Clown Troupe' (including the very young Mr. Toot) were formed by Street Arts and performed in many venues around brisbane including shopping centres, Warana Festival, Queen Street Mall, King George Square, Festival ’82 and the Commonwealth Games celebrations, to name a few. 

The following year Danny was involved in circus workshops teaching children juggling and stilt walking. This theatre project was hugely successful and resulted in many exciting performances throughout Brisbane. 

In 1984 after leaving Street Arts, Danny performed at Magic Mountain Theme Park on the Gold Coast as Mr. Toot. This included a scripted show and roving entertainment. 

Sometime in 1985 Danny started his own business as a children's entertainer and musician performing at children's parties, taverns, school fetes and shopping centres. 

In the following years Danny studied 'Early Childhood Education and Development' working as a Pre-School Teacher's Aide while continuing to perform as a clown at parties and other events. Performing each week as a musician he continued to improve his skills as a trumpet player. 

After exploring other careers during the 90s, Mr. Toot returned to regular performing again in 2008, along with his wife Esther, who became the face painter and business partner at Mr. Toot Entertainment. 

Together they make up Mr. Toot Entertainment. As a duo they are able to provide a complete entertainment package. This includes not only the show, but face painting, balloon twisting and workshops. 

More About Esther 

The Lovely Esther began working at Mr. Toot Entertainment in 2008 as a face painter and business planner. Through face painting workshops, lots of parties and events, Esther learned the art of face painting and quickly developed her own style.  

Her artistic ability, gentle approach, natural repoire with children, her sense of humour and approachableness made her the perfect fit for a career as a face painter working with children. 

Esther's education in finance, the law and human psychology has been an amazing help in developing a business strategy and creating a successful small business. 

Now in 2016, Esther is still painting faces, however she is focused on continuing her education and enjoying being semi-retired. 

Danny still performs, however he is also focused on getting his book published, studying, and spending time enjoying photography. 

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