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Puppet Fun with Charlie
Botanic Gardens Cafe - Charlie the Puppet is a favourite routine in Mr. Toot's show. Children quickly forget Charlie is a puppet as they see his antics with Mr. Toot.
Club Juggling
Juggling with Mr. Toot is always an exciting and fun experience. Whether it's basketballs, clubs, juggling balls, hats or any combination, he guarantees laughs and lots of 'WOW' from the audience.
Mr. Toot's Variety Show
Botanic Gardens Cafe Brisbane - Mr. Toot's circus variety show is guaranteed to bring plenty of laughs and happy memories. With juggling,
'clown magic', puppetry and lots of music.
Outdoor shows with Mr. Toot
Whether in a park, house, back yard or hall, Mr. Toot's show is wonderful entertainment for the whole family.
Roving balloon entertainment
For university events and open days, balloon twisting is hugely popular.
Mr. Toot's Show for all ages
Mr. Toot had the wonderful opportunity to play a small acting role in a short film in 2016. These children were instant friends and a dream to work with and entertain.
Big thanks to Charlotte Stent and Bella Rose, and everyone else who made it a memorable experience. You kids are great!!
Roving entertainment
Roving entertainment with Mr. Toot is an awesome choice for large events. Mr. Toot's juggling, close up illusions, bubble machine and sense of hilarity, roving entertainment is an affordable and popular choice for your next event.
Roving Entertainment
Mr. Toot's approach and character show great respect to all ages. His unique and exciting juggling is adapted for any age or audience.
Give me 5 for Kids Event
Mr. Toot making balloons and hangin' out with Triple M's Banksy and Pinky, and Jeremy Marou from Busby Marou in Rockhampton. Give me 5 for Kids event at the Rockhampton Hospital.
Mr. Moustache
McDonald's McHappy Day
Mr. Toot with little Mr. Potato Head. Cool moustache - face painting by Esther.
With Starlight Foundation
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